Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine
Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine

Fat burning machine stretch marks removal device Slimming Cavitation Machine

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1. Remove off your refractory fat and reduce stretch marks

2. Make your muscles tightening

3. Wipe off your saggy skin

catalpau fat burning machine

Using this device 15 to 20 minutes every day, your skin will appear glossy, focus on problem spots, reduces skin depression and lumpy fat, making lines and wrinkles unconspicuous.

This fat massager device use the same theory technology as fancy clinics, but portable, competitive price and convenient to use, you could use at home every day for 15 to 20 minutes.

Say goodbye to sport and diet, this device working by gentle and comfortable way to remove your stubborn fat cells, which always accumulate around women's thighs, hips and belly.

When touching this fat burning device on your skin, just like iron working on clothes to fix appearance flat and smooth, it will fix your skin smooth and healthy looking.


fat burning machine function

1. RF--radio frequency

2. EMS--electro muscle stimulation

3. Red LED light--red light quantum therapy

4. 37-40 ℃ Constant temperature

Stubborn fat remove 2

1M Hz Radio Frequency penetrate into inner layer of the skin,  electric energy transfer to heat energy, gradually burn down fat cells, regenerate collagen, tightening your skin.

Stubborn fat remove 3

EMS micro electricity stimulate your muscle, let muscle movement passively, just like a full fitness activity, it also include massager feeling, reinforce and strengthen your muscle and then relax, repair skin texture and make it younger.

stretch marks reduce device 1

630NM wavelength stimulate deep layers of skin, generate reborn collagen, improve blood circulation, minimize your fat wrinkles,stretch marks and skin loosen.
Constant temperature technology (37-40 ℃), keep your skin warm and safty, enjoy the whole using process.

stretch marks reduce device4


3 modes to choose: 


Dispel Lines Mode 

Use 200Hz EMS and 630(±10)nm red light to remove stretch marks, body fine lines and scars. The active part has a feeling of pulling outward.

Burn Fat Mode

Use 30Hz EMS, 1M Hz RF and 630(±10)nm red light to remove stubborn fat in various parts of the body. There is a sense of hammering and heat at the action part.

Lift Skin Mode

Use 300Hz EMS and 630(±10)nm red light for lifting and tightening loose muscles in various parts of the body. The action part has a feeling of pulling inward.


How to use ? 

how to use fat burning machine


Apply some cream or gel or body oil on your skin before using this device. 

fat burning machine package



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very good

I was not a big believer of fat burning machine in the very beginning. However after doing some research and getting a better idea of the theory behind this kind of machine, I think it makes sense.
This device is portable, with light weight. It is very convenient to be taken around, and to be used at any locations, either at home or during trips. It has ergonomic handheld design, comfortable to hold.
I’m using it everyday. It is easy to use. I like its massaging and heating effect, very relaxing and comfortable. I know nothing is magic. This device is great, and it can help tightening my skin and burning fat faster, but at the same time, I am keeping my workout routine. It would be slow to see obvious effect if just purely relying on this but just sitting there not doing anything else active. But by combining my exercise with this machine, I am very pleased to see the improvement.

Need to use it consistently to see results

The package came quickly and I started using it on my belly, thighs, and my double chin. Within a few weeks, I could tell that the device was really working. I lost a good 2 inches around my waist in a few weeks and my double chin have almost completely gone away. Combining this machine with exercise (3-4 times a week) I have lost about 10 pounds and my cellulite has reduced significantly! When you use this you can really feel the fat breaking down and your skin getting tighter. At first it might feel a bit weird like a weird itchy feeling but it goes away after so you shouldn't worry about it. I think it is the initial fat cells breaking down and your body flushing them out of your system.

A product that takes time

Nice massager device that promotes weight loss and disappearance of cellulite. Think this requires also some personal behavioral changes as well to get the actually benefits this suggest. Its rechargeable allowing to use it basically anywhere without limiting yourself to wires and pretty simple to use. I suggest reading over the manual to get the appropriate setting you would like. It has a micro pulsating feel. Its almost undetectable when I used this. I felt kinda felt like a minor sting feeling, as in an electric jolt. I wish it had more features as an actually massager too. This takes times this product so if you have the time and you are pretty consistent I can see it helping, but requires being strict with use. The red light part is pretty nice it gets descently warm & effective for helping with muscle pain. Its expensive for the product being pretty lightweight would been better if a bit more heavier duty.

This does arrive shipped sealed in seran wrap for tamper proofing

It is working (although very slowly) but time would tell

I ordered the Catalpa U Fat Burning Machine Stretch marks scar Removal for my wife. Primarily she wanted to get rid of the surgical scars on her abdominal area. Also, she has couple of fatty bumps that she thoughts this device might help.

First thing to remember is that you need a conductive gel for the unit to work.
The unit is light and easy to use.

She has been using this unit for almost 8 days; using it once a day for 1 hour total (30 minutes for scar removal and 30 minutes for fat burning minutes).
So far, she has seen promising results for scar removal. The scar looks more lighter in color.
As fat reduction, no significant reduction has been noticed.

One area that needs improvement is the display area which needs to be brighter so the operating mode can be read easier.

She will continue using the unit for the weeks to come and I will update this review if anything changes.

Relatively easy to use. Multiple modes. Spa/clinical treatment at home. Needs conductive gel.

We have TENS/EMS devices and Red Light/Infrared Therapy lamps, so some of the technologies of this product is already familiar to us. I do question the efficacy in regards to 'burning fat', but apparently there are some studies that show this collective therapy can affect fat cells. Some spas/clinics offer this very treatment for body sculpting/fat burning and skin tightening. So, now the technology filters down to home, consumer devices.
I like the form factor of the device, it's easy to handle and position the circular head. The controls are simple with clear, obvious, easy to read symbols. Perhaps the only button that might be unfamiliar is the top button. I think it's supposed to represent 'fire' because it's the heating feature button.
A long press on the power icon button will power the device on/off. Successive presses of the power button will cycle through the various modes. Once you select the mode, you can choose the intensity with the +/- buttons.
The product details mention Infrared, but notes it uses 630nm wavelenght, which corresponds to red light (makes sense since the product indicates red light therapeutic aspects). I think they're using Infrared inaccurately. We have bulbs/lamps that use 630nm, 660nm and 850nm for photobiomodulation therapy, which involves red light and near infrared wavelengths. So, for clarification, this uses red light therapy, but at the visible red light wavelength of 630nm. (An aside: red light wavelength is safer for general use/application without safety goggles. It also shows possible health and cosmetic benefits.)
We've have excellent results from EMS/TENS devices and with careful use of red light phototherapy (photbiomodulation). Research indicates that the combined technologies contained in this device to have positive effects. Of course the intensity of this device is not the same as ones used in spas or clinics, but it is much more cost effective. Plus, you get the comfort and security of home use.
Attached are photos to show real world images of the device with a ruler for size reference.
To fully realize the potential of this device, you need to use silicone scar cream for skin treatments and conductive gel to facilitate the EMS mode. Fortunately, we have both types of creams, gels. For our testing, we used the conductive gel that we've used with a TENS/EMS device. It worked fine, and in this regard this device is capable of EMS function. And, based on visual confirmation, the red light feature is fully operable.
It will take time/use to assess the validity of fat burning claims. However, I do respect and appreciate the various technologies offered in this device.
Based on these initial impressions, this device appears to be a capable device. It earns a 4.5 - 4.75 star rating, with a high level recommendation.