Magsafe car mount charger

What is Magsafe car mount charger ?

Magsafe car mount charger means MagSafe wireless charger car mobile phone holder for iphone 12 series.

MagSafe is a magnetic technology from Apple that has been integrated into the internal engineering of the iPhone 12 models. Created as a safety feature for MacBook charging cables, MagSafe has been incorporated into the iPhone 12 to offer the user a new ecosystem of accessories with easy docking and faster wireless charging.

As simple as bringing your new iPhone closer to the car holder with MagSafe charging. MagSafe car mount charger was designed to provide a simple installation and use experience while driving. Your new iPhone will always remain fixed in position and view both horizontally and vertically.

There are many kinds of Magsafe car mount charger in the market, like ESR, Catalpau, etc, you could buy from Amazon or their website.  

One of the benefits of the MagSafe car charger was that it was designed with a powerful magnetic module that keeps different iPhone 12 models safe and secure in position, no matter the bumps or curves in the road. The high-quality base and sturdy rack are retaining clip ensure that the MagSafe mount always remains securely in place.

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Features of Magsafe Car Mount Charger

Simple one-handed operation: Get in the car and get going without wasting time docking your iPhone 12. MagSafe car mount charger allows you to lock your new iPhone in position without delay or error.

one hand operation of magsafe car mount charger


Compatible with MagSafe cases - The PRO Car Air Vent Mount works with official MagSafe cases or other magnetic case. As simple as putting your iPhone 12, with the case on, on the magnetic surface, and that's it.

compatible with magsafe case

Rotate to view content vertically or horizontally: MagSafe Car Mount charger uses a ball joint (17mm diameter) to rotate its position. Thus, it is possible to turn it with one hand to change the orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa. Browse your audio playlist vertically and rotate the bracket horizontally to use the navigation app.

360 degree rotate

USB C to USB A cable for easy charging: Keep playing your audio lists, talking on the phone and using the navigation applications without interruption. Our comprehensive design includes a convenient cable management system, USB C to the charging plate and USB A to your car,  so your load is always close at hand. Car charger (lighter charger) not included.


Magsafe car mount charger advantage 

Having a charger and other accessories with MagSafe will give you access to all the functions of the iPhone 12 and will allow you to use it in different and new ways. Although your new iPhone will work with Qi-enabled wireless chargers, you will enjoy faster wireless charging if you use other models that incorporate MagSafe (up to 10W with iPhone 12).

The other phone models could use this Magsafe car mount charger and get the same charging effect, but other phone models need to stick a metal ring on the back, then this car mount charger could hold phones firmly, iphone 12 series don't need to stick a ring, since iphone 12 series already build in magnetic ring inside the phone. 

Magsafe car amount charger disadvantage

Charger Compatibility: MagSafe was specially designed for the iPhone 12 series, meaning it showcases its best 15W boosting capabilities through that phone only. The magsafe car mount charger Maximum charging power is 15W, but apple didn't open 15W protocal, so magsafe car mount charger could only reach to 10W.

Theoretically, no matter iphone 12 series or other phone models, when using magsafe car mount charger, could reach to 10W, but if you want to reach to 10W (highest charging effect), you should connect to QC3.0 car charger.

Magnets Aren't all That Great: Like other wireless charger, MagSafe car mount chargers transfer energy through induction, meaning they will transfer heat through surfaces. This may be a touch dangerous for you and other devices around you. On top of that, you furthermore may run the chance of getting an unattractive circular ring at the rear of your after prolonged use, whether or not you're using an Apple-supplied phone case.


MagSafe Car Mount Charger VS Traditional Car Mount Charger.

When compare magsafe car mount charger to traditional one, magsafe is more simple design, easy to operate, just put your phone on, no need to clamp. The original package always don't including metal ring if you want to use Magsafe car mount charger to other phone models. (some suppliers offer Magsafe car mount charger including metal ring for other phone models, like Catalpau-yunxiang), Magsafe car mount charger meet the highest quality standards and are designed to offer a simple and safe user experience with iPhone 12 models.

Traditional car mount charger  fit for more phone models, as long as your phone model has wireless charging effect (QI standard).Traditional Car Mount Charger is the magnetic accessory that meets industry standards, and their magnetic ring provides a precise and comfortable fit.

Both car mount charger are not MFI certificate, apple don't have original car mount charger, suppliers just designed this charger compatible or special designed for iphone. 

traditional car mount charger vs magsafe car mount charger



How does MagSafe car mount charger work?

MagSafe car mount charger consists of a series of magnets placed around the iPhone 12's internal charging coil. It identifies other accessories with MagSafe and automatically and securely locks itself in the most optimal position to initiate charging. MagSafe car mount charger will only pair your device with other accessories that support this technology, so there's no need to worry about interference or unwanted connections with different magnets.

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