Introduction of wireless car charger for iphone 12

Today we're checking out the magnet fast wireless car charger for iphone 12 with Magsafe charging.

Catalpau Magsafe car mount charger  isn't a magsafe charger, it does do 15W all the way down to 5W of charging. 

We need to go into the car and actually see if it actually does give you a decent amount of charge to your iphone 12, but my main reason for checking this out is: it's got an array of magnets around the area which will work with the iphone 12.

Let's just find out what comes in the box: magnetic charger with a ball socket, and a screw system,board joint(to attach it to the actual plate for
round air vent), little panel, USB-C to USB A cable (about 1 meter long), and manual.

Ideally you do need to take your iphone 12 out of the case and use it naked, unless you've got a Magsafe case.

This is the best vent mount solution that i've ever tried, I was really looking for something that is discrete charges your iphone 12, because not many do and also has this mounting solution, so i was really happy to see this product.

With the mount fitted, you've got this now on a ball joint, you've also got rotation, but you probably would want to tighten this quite tight.This can really tighten up enough, have the ability to stay put and it looks like it does.

Let's get this in the car and see how it fits right.

We're in the vw golf gti mark 7. This is what i've been using recently.
I always like this basis mount it does do wireless charging, but i've never had the reason to do it with the short trips that we're doing under lock down, so this had fit the bill for now and i've used the avalaire mounting solution into the same ball joint, that we currently got on this basis charging mount, unscrew first, you can see it has the same hook system here as the one we just looked at in the studio , but this obviously, has charging just like this does, but it does it through the magsafe ring on the iphone.

 Let's get this plugged in over the air blades, and turn the screw to reduce the bar and hopefully get a good grip.

As i explained before you do have this little tool, that you would position over this unit like here, it's got two little teeth on the side let you fit with these teeth here, and that will go and go over and stops it from slipping up and down. If you've got a round air blade vent like the mercedes or some audis do, these little feet here will just unposition themselves, each side of the circle and give it a bit of cushioning for here, I don't think it's really worth it so i won't probably use it.

I won't use it first and see if we actually need it, i'm going to put this over the air vent blade here and you can see i can, i'm pulling it away, so it's definitely got the hook on this bit here, i can't put it on the top one. I'm gonna do it clock wise, it should be pulling it towards the blade which it does, and there we go that is rock solid and that's why i think these are the best mounting solutions for air blade vent.

You've got the boysen ball join there which i tightened it quite tight, and it allows us to mount it in a nice way. I use my iphone 12 with normal case (not magsafe case), all right it might hold on to it with some vibration, but i think if you went over a pothole or something like that, i think it might fall off like i just done there. I wouldn't trust that, i'll take out the case.

We're going to take the case off, really if you've got a magsafe case or you're using the iphone 12 totally naked like this and there you go, it's on and not slipping off. It definitely holding on to and once i plug it in, it's going to do charging as well.

My only concern is to get a good enough charge to 15W. I'm not sure if this cable will do it. It's going to give it at least 18W, I'm sure but we'll see.
I've got a volt meter here to plug that in and we'll see how much charge it actually going to the adapter itself, so the cable plugs in like that and we've got about a meter of play here, which is just enough to get into a standard voltage socket. What i'm going to use is the the most powerful socket i've got. This is a power drive or power speed Anker and the usb c port can do 30W, I'm not quite sure of the usb-a probably slightly less. I'm hoping at least 20W so we'll see what charge we get from this in a minute.

I'm going to plug the usb a socket here and then plug it in, so that's all powered and charging we can probably channel this nice down and into the center console at some point, so i'm gonna power on to give the car some power, you can see up here a little light that glows now, so that's cool.

Now we will just pop it on so you go magsafe actually detected and charging, so that's pretty good. 

It won't really tell me what it is charging at what rate, i've got some utility house apps here that will tell me how much the batch is charging by, once i dismiss all these ads it says voltage of 3.6 volts, battery level at 29.79, charger quality, it says super charger at a thousand milliamps, i'd say that's 10 amp 10 watts. I believe it says it's charging fast.

The joy of having it as a magnetic mount you don't really have to worry about putting much force on the blades, because you're not really twisting the mount, as you turn you're just twisting the phone on the actual magnet ,so you're not putting any stress on the actual vent mount itself, so that's less chance of it coming loose and less stress on the actual air blades itself, as you put the phone on and off the actual mount, so that's super handy.


This is coming from the usb a port, we might get better results if we go from usb c to usb c, so i do have another usb c cable that we can test and see what the the wattage is there, also i have a usb a volt meter here and also a usb c one so we can actually see what the wattage is going to the phone right, so i'm going to plug it into a volt meter now and usb volt test meter so as you can see we're charging here and we're following this cable all the way down and to our little volt meter here, and you can see on the top right of this reading,
it's pumping out seven point eight, we did get nine earlier but it's drawing about say eight watts, eight to nine watts so it's not going us to 15 that magsafe does, but because this is just a a qi charger, i'm not surprised. 

we're not ever going to get 15 out of this, if we do that would be a miracle when this apple change how their charging behaves with qi charges, but for now we're getting a roughly about 7 to 10 watts.

I'll swap the cables over and we'll try usb c from this more powerful port here and see if it does any better, so now we have a usb c cable here plugging into a usb c into our little volt meter here and we're going to plug this into the usb c port of this power adapter, so now we're seeing it plugged in, so it shouldn't be doing any draw at the moment, you can see there, it's point zero three amps 0.1
watt of draw we've got the car powered on as well. 

Don't worry about drawing your battery in your car and we're now going to plug this on, so this isn't doing the the magsafe thing now, i don't know if it's because of the phone or what so, we're gonna go back down here and this is displayed slightly differently this time, but you can see that we're getting five watts which is bit of a surprise for usb c port using this usb c anker cable as well, so it's a decent cable that i'm using but oddly it's not gonna get the charge we want, that's getting a lot more, but alot less volts.

With the car running we've got the volt meter going back in again, with usb-a using the bundled cable that you got with it, and the car is running and we've got a draw of one zero and one three watts, that's not too bad, it's going to get the phone slap it on to the mount there, we go again so you got the magsafe charging initiated, it's got to be this cable and back here again, we're going from 5watts and higher.

To bear in mind once the phone gets to a certain threshold roughly about 80to 85 percent, the phone starts to tail off its charging ability, so we might be in that threshold now, the phone starts to draw less watts, whilst it charges, so that's why we might be seeing a reduction now again where as before we were getting a lot more in charge, so now that we're over 80 percent the phone might start tailing off to 5 watts, so ideally we need to discharge this phone again to get below there, we go 7 watts there, because the phone is being used now.

I'm trying to log in so if i use sat nav like waze on this, that might draw a little bit more off the battery.

Right,82 now as you can see here 82 and then we're at seven eight nine watts again so with this cable it does give you at least up to say 10 watts on a good day, maybe if the phone is really low below 50 it might go full whack and give us the full amount we want.

For a charging solution that works with magsafe ,this is pretty good works really, it's got all the necessary Magsafe ability. It's just unfortunate with the cases that these don't really work as intended as you'd think a lot of people are gonna
put these phones into cases and unfortunately these Magsafe  accessories will only work with the Magsafe case, or if you go naked it's gonna work with that too, as you have just seen. 

Let's just whack this in the case again, so we've got it in our speaking case which is quite thin anyway,but it does reduce the batteries the magnifying strength of the phone, you can see it slightly slipping there, so it's going to hold on to it fine but if i were to rotate it's gone as you saw me earlier rotating it, it held on to it totally fine when the phone's naked.