How to fade stretch mark

Today we will share some updated tips and suggestions for preventing and improving the appearance of stretch marks. 

Stretch marks are linear depressions in the skin that happens when the skin undergoes some sort of rapid stretching. 

we honestly don't know why they happen, probably some combination of genetics aka bad luck and hormonal influences. They tend to appear around pregnancy or puberty and also with changes in weight:  like weight loss, weight gain, and then the other scenario is if you happen to be using a prescription medication cream that has steroids in it and you use it apply it to the skin for a prolonged period of time it actually can thin the skin and cause stretch marks that is a adverse side effect of steroids, so if you have a steroid cream lying around make sure it's okay to use it, check in with your derm,  don't just use it willy-nilly because that is a bad adverse in fact that can happen with using steroid creams inappropriately or for a prolonged period of time. 

There are sort of two phases to stretch marks initially they are red to light pink,  maybe a little purple, depending on your background skin ton.  They are raised but with time they turn white when you run your hand over your skin you'll feel a little depression. 

When it comes to improving the appearance of stretch marks, or preventing them, no one procedure or product is going to work for everyone. These are just some things that have been shown to help some people,  the other thing that's key is tackling early stretch marks in the phase that I mentioned.  When they're read kind of pink and raised, they are more responsive to these treatments. 

The ultimate outcome of a stretch mark will be better if you try and treat a stretch mark when it's already depressed,  and white it's a lot harder a lot more difficult they're more resistant,  so tackling it early is is key. 

Applying moisturizer can actually help to improving the appearance of stretch marks,  a lot of people anecdotally report a variety of different types of moisturizers made a huge difference for them