DIY great phone mount

Today I want to figure out the best way to mount my phone, I have a iphone 12 pro Max, the biggest one.

I got red line mount and magnet receiver, this magnetic attached to your phone, but only if your phone have a metal plate attached in the back, iphone 12 does have a piece of magnet here (magsafe case) , but it’s barely holds it, if I put it on, it will not necessarily hold my phone.

 DIY great phone mount1

 DIY great phone mount2

Now I have hacking solution, I am going to take this receiver or something like this, you can find with most of the mounts you get, usually this kind of receiver has a magnet inside.

 DIY great phone mount3

First I want to remove the magnet, unscrew the little screw in the middle, and now reveals this plate with magnets.  

 DIY great phone mount4

Now put this aside, we don’t need this part (magnet), we only need the bottom part, and the surface is not flat. We going to flatten it by rub it on the floor.

 DIY great phone mount5

DIY great phone mount6

And then grab this pretty thick automotive adhesive tape, which made by 3M. Basically just tape it to the surface, and cut the tape around the shape.

DIY great phone mount7 

Take off the 3M tape and apply Magsafe charger to the middle of this mount and press it in the place, then let’s see holding my iphone 12 max, it’s pretty strong mount.

 DIY great phone mount8

 DIY great phone mount 9

Let’s click it back to air vent, and plug cable into cigarette lighter, and power on the car, you could see your phone is charging with Apple icon.

 DIY great phone mount10

Let’s also check if it hold the phone without the case, it also hold the phone without the case. You can use it with case, you can use it without case.

 DIY great phone mount11

It’s cool and fantastic mount !